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Peter Rocklin – Hyperrealist Artist

Fanelli CafePeter Rocklin belongs to a new generation of artists who are extending the boundaries of realist painting and forming the new exactitude movement. His paintings demonstrate an ambitious project of combining his photographic source material with the traditional skills of the representational artist.

His work is an expression of often highly personal experiences of specific times and places. His love of travel and ability to capture on canvas his visions of foreign yet familiar scenes is constantly facilitated by visits abroad.

When viewing Rocklin’s work one can clearly recognise the influence of certain pioneers of photorealism, Ralph Goings, Richard Estes and Robert Cottingham, from neon signs, intriguing weathered shop fronts and urban landscapes to fabulous white Jamaican beaches Rocklin creates wonderfully atmospheric and evocative images and demonstrates the skill and craftsmanship he possesses as a painter. These are escapist yet hyperrealistic representations of everyday life, captured in the exactitude style.

Peter Rocklin’s understanding of composition and arrangement of people, architecture and interesting objects captivate the imagination and leaves the viewer to make up their own narrative to the painting.

He is represented by Plus One Gallery in London . His paintings are also at Soho Hotel and Haymarket Hotel London and Crosby Street Hotel in New York and in numerous corporate and private collections through out the world.

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