Peter Rocklin

- Abbey Road

Peter Rocklin – Drawn to Paint

A question I am often asked when people see one of my paintings is, how long has it taken to do it. The short is answer is ‘ well actually, most of my life ‘ ! but this really poses a fundamental dilemma that seems to confront most artists I talk to, that is, how to decide when is a painting finished. For me it’s when I reach the point where I’ve achieved what I set out to do, and when adding more detail or refinement becomes irrelevant. This helps me define in my own mind the object of the painting, and what I’m trying to convey before I start. The more I paint the more I realize that I am constantly trying to capture the essence of the moment or the subject clearly and concisely, which is probably what drew me to painting in the first place.

I hope you enjoy the results!

Peter Rocklin.

He is represented by Plus One Gallery in London . His paintings are also at Soho Hotel, Haymarket Hotel, Dorset Square Hotel and Ham Yard Hotel in London and also Crosby Street Hotel in New York and in numerous corporate and private collections through out the world.

- Self Portrait